Wednesday, November 07, 2007


i`ve finished the poster for the gig... i`m eagerly waiting for hearing the meditative bass with tikiman`s voice. i had two remarkable memories with my heroes in the past years. of course i had much more but i can`t forget the gig where i got respect from bukem who i adored for his moody technique`n`mixing skills. the next one was finding out monolake`s live gig`s setlist with robert henke. he prepared and brought all of his released tunes for our show in tv tower/pecs. i respected both of them for years before we had a wicked chat. and now i have the chance to warm up for the guys i decided to start buying records seriously around 1998. m, basic channel, chain reaction, burial mix, rhythm&sound, etc... i got almost all of them.
nah, cut the crap show me what you got!

isu asked a dark brown toned smokey flyer with old school outfit so i dropped all fresh techniques and type treatment.

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