Friday, October 09, 2009

tipper @ shambhala festival 18.12.2005

an old but truly timeless downtempo electronica geek hop whatever set fuelled by tipper at shambhala festival.


umpistol - gargamel & cholic [rump]
soul position - no excuse for lovin' [instrumental] - rhymesayer
four tet - and then patterns - domino
deru - unknown
crunch - fib [colony productions]
si begg - string ditty
plaid - light rain [warp]
two lone swordsmen - section [warp]
tipper - cycleswithincycleswithin [tippermusic]
lusine - unknown
tipper - paperthinreality [tippermusic]
tigrics - my version 6 [chi]
soteg - slow down [bless records]
crunch - array [colony productions]
point b - half lit [erratica]
crunch - boy rec [delikatessen]
slag boom van loon - poppy seed [boards of canada remix] [planet mu]

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