Friday, January 15, 2016

4hero - reinforced rec. is 25 mix

drum'n'bass legends 4hero are celebrating their reinforced labels's 25th anniversary. they recall stories while take a trip back in time through the reinforced discography. in the early 90s electronic music was mutating at lightspeed, elements of many genres were forming the dawn of the new era. uk hardcore was born what shortly evolved into jungle/drum'n'bass. my first purchased vinyl was 4hero's ltd edition 1st lp, so it’s emotional to me! read more at rbma site.

01 4hero - Rising Sun (Instrumental)
02 4hero - Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare
03 Tek 9 - Space 91
04 Manix - Hardcore Junglism
05 Manix - Feel Real Good
06 Nebula II - Athema
07 Code 071 - London Sumtin’
08 Nasty Habits - Dark Angel
09 Underground Software - Different Ting
10 Nick OD - Have You Got Any More Spam
11 Rufige Cru - Menace
12 Primary Source - Lovin You
13 4hero - Better Place feat. Diane Charlemagne (4 Hero Remix)
14 Rufige Kru - Terminator II
15 4hero - Journey From The Light (4 Hero Remix)
16 4hero - Shadow Run
17 Nookie - The Sound Of Music
18 Tek 9 - You Got To Slow Down (Nookie Remix)
19 4hero - Universal Love (Metalheadz Remix)
20 Sonar Circle - Inside
21 Special Forces - Stealth
22 G-Force & Seiji - Clear Vision feat. Bembe Segue
23 Manix! - Living In The Past
24 Project A-KO - Afterglow Pt 1&2
25 Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style
26 D-Bridge - My Years

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

seratocast 40 - plastician's curb to club mix

serious codeine cuts and bass bombs in 50 mix, that's what the grime gent plastician can offer to serato's latest podcast. the rinse fm regular keeps it fresh as always, so you'd better get some gritty suburban sound from the terrorrhythm head honcho.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

source direct @ bloc weekend 2015

belly shaking basslines, bloc rocking beats, and hypnotising hi-tech flavour. this is how a don rolls the breaks from the golden era of dark techy drum and bass. the spaced out sound of source direct recorded on the bloc weekend 2015 equally sounds classic and fresh, don’t miss it.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

metalheadz w/ ant tc1 +friske @ rinse fm 19 aug 2015

old school bass aesthetics, cutting edge rollers and cavernous pads. ant tc1 and friske brings yet another spaced out show to maintain the metalheadz fame. whatch your bassbins.

urban player podcast 005 - c0p [12 july 2013]

the set was recently removed from urbanplayer's soundcloud, so please welcome it on mixcloud. 

i was offered to make a soundtrack by a fresh blog on fire for the weekend of the most anticipated hungarian festival called Balaton Sound. instead of a mix that fits with the load of loud stars at the festival, i chosed to make a sonic shelter for the weary ears and souls. by selecting some of my beloved electronica artists and labels, the podcast have become a refreshing haven for the period of the marching bassdrum menace through the weekend. this is a rare guided tour in my kingdom outside the clubs. welcome to my living room.

01 nonplace urban field - intro [incoming!]
02 vladislav delay - ranta [chain reaction]
03 lfo - sleepy chicken [warp]
04 isan - evil jinn [morr music]
05 mouse on mars - rondio [too pure]
06 monolake - ping [monolake]
07 the future sound of london - little brother [astralwerks]
08 seefeel - meol [warp]
09 to rococo rot - die dinge des lebens [city slang]
10 the orb - towers of dub [island]
11 mokira - oskari [mille plateaux]
12 pole - fragen [kiff sm]
13 drome - retro dub [kiff sm]
14 richard h. kirk - reality net [warp]
15 aphex twin - alberto balsalm [warp]
16 autechre - gelk [warp]

Thursday, July 30, 2015

offset 2015 - matt willey

how long is the road to become the art director of the new york times, or how the guardian was redesigned? watch matt willey's inspirational lecture recorded at the annual creative conference in dublin earlier this year. as a regular offsetter, i can't recommend high enough to attend on the 2016 event. if you need more reasons, just watch the offset speech archive for dozens of awesomeness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

youngsta w/ jkenzo spmc @ rinse 20 july 2015

your weekly dose of bass hybrids from rinse's finest minimal monday, jkenzo hops in to youngstas show. expect the usual bottom heavy hypnotic beats ranging bass music, the best urban sound transmission for techno/dubstep crossover fans.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

c0p @ paradise day 17th may 2003

spring, sunshine and laid back tracks in the botanic garden. massses came to rest in the name of photosynthesis to the grass and local djs were playing for them two days long. paradise days was one of my most loved annual mini-festivals until remeteret was launched in 2004 by one half of it's organisers. every year i was trying to showcase past year's minimal techno/electronica vinyl findings that fit to the sparkling spring in the nature. 

a leak from my record vaults to celebrate remeteret's 10th anniversary today. in fact, the anniversary was last year, but the event series was banned by the city council (thanks to all politicians!).

Friday, May 08, 2015

bigup podcast 98 - moresounds

parisian pure gold soundbwoy from fracture's astrophonica and om unit's cosmic bridge fame is bringing the big guns for bigup magazine. drumrolls and tectonic basslines are soaked in dub to showcase 20 of his own dubplates that most possibly you won't hear anywhere released, that's how moresounds swing between dub and footwork madness. an essential set for bass heads!

- PureNiceness Tape -
Moresounds - Pure Dubness
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - Reality Dub
Moresounds - Blood in Dub
Moresounds - ??????
Crypticz - Magnets (Moresounds Remix)
Moresounds - ??????
Itoa - Top Deck (Moresounds Remix)
Moresounds - ??????
Sam Binga ft Redders - Tek Nuh Chat (Moresounds RMX)
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????
Moresounds - ??????

Thursday, April 16, 2015

chestcast 11 - district (april 2015)

in distance's latest chestcast, district takes over the controls by aiming to upcoming talents in the first hour and bringing the bottom end heavy badboys in the second. roaring resonating basslines, echoing harmonics, tactile tones, your regular dose of chestplate records is here.

Monday, March 30, 2015

locked groove + scuba @ the lab ldn

to celebrate his 4th album the hotfush head honcho scuba is taking over the control over the lab with his partner in crime locked groove, to cast a pulsating deep techno set. in the past decade scuba have been doing a great transition, by becoming a key artist in london's dubstep/bass scene, just to do the same a few years later in berlin's techno scene.

[00:05] Mind Against & Somne - Vertere
[00:10] Daniel Avery - Drone Logic (Rødhåd Remix)
[00:17] Howling - Signs (Rodhad Remix)
[00:23] Fango - Tuono
[00:26] Recondite - Serak
[00:35] Locked Groove & Mind Against - Elysium
[00:43] John Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (George Fitzgerald Remix)
[01:17] Voiski - Falling Behind
[01:19] Floorplan - Eclipse
[01:44] Agoria - Hélice

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

scuba @ 21 march 2015

scuba haven't been playing on air in any london radio show for a long time. now you have a chance to hear the former londoner rinsing out some deep techno cuts.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

reggaeroast 17 - j:kenzo lion charge in dub

the london based bass ambassador this time spreads the skanked out dubwise vibes of his lion cgarge imprint in favor of the reggae roast podcast crew. this is a murdering showcase of the limited edition vinyl only label, so careful now.. watch your bass bins i'm tellin yah.

01. Digital - Dub Mammoth [LIONCHG010]
02. Kaiju - Unity Dub [LIONCHG003]
03. EGOLESS - Dub Heritage [LIONCHG DUB]
04. D-Operation Drop - Rockin' Da Nation (Sound Control Fiyah Dub Remix) [LIONCHG DUB]
05. Digid - Revolution Sound [LIONCHG DUB]
06. EGOLESS - From Dust To Dub [LIONCHG009]
07. Ipman & Killawatt - Runaway Version [LIONCHG002]
08. D-Operation Drop - Addis Abeba [LIONCHG006]
09. Digital - Informer [LIONCHG010}
10. Digid - Babylon Fall [LIONCHG DUB]
11. Sound Control - Electrocution Dub (VIP Remix) [LIONCHG DUB]

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

crucial podcast 001 - sleeper

sleeper serves hot the first podcast episode of his soon to launch label with a high concentrate of dubplates by the future label artists, i guess. you get a decent dose of dubwise business to wreck your rig under the serious pressure of after dark sounds.

01 Plastikman - ask yourself (sleeper remix)
02 Ago - so me seh
03 eva808 - selekta
04 sleeper - bare foot
05 sleeper - manhatten blues dub (cyrus)
06 wulf - community dub
07 teffa - foundation
08 foamplate - glim glimmer
09 sleeper - check it
10 ago - trust
11 eshone - scrap night
12 distance - cyclops
13 eshone - monopoly (sleeper remix)
14 dj madd vs billy boyo - one spliff
15 eva808 - loner
16 causa - dismaying
17 sleeper - operator dub
18 foamplate - fuzz
19 sleeper - fuck that shit
20 sleeper - coxsone dub vip
21 teffa - yellow brick road
22 mikael - sandwell (d operation drop remix)
23 sleeper - spooked
24 road kill & cyrus - reflections

Tuesday, February 03, 2015 podcast - djrum 29th jan 2015

guiding you through the depths of soundwaves, djrum is a true music afficionado using the whole range of sound from ambient, electronica, dub to techno, drum and bass and more to conjure a tactile atmosphere that just grabs you. don't forget to check his own blissful productions. i was trying to make a tracklist, feel free to help me out with the outstanding few tracks ids :)

00:00  street recording
00:02  demdike stare - Rathe [modern love]
00:08  oscar mulero - transversal (sleeparchive rmx) [modularz]
00:09  killawatt - [osiris music]
00:11  royce wood jr - jodie (djrum rmx) [2nd drop]
00:22  dip - glantz [pussyfoot]
00:29  renegade - something i feel (2bad mice rmx) [moving shadows]
00:33  squarepusher - do you know squarepusher? [warp]
00:43  railway raver - mine storm (played on 45) [rephlex]
00:46  objekt - ganzfeld [leisure]
00:53  sleeper? [osiris music test press]
01:00  djrum - ode (played backwards) [2nd drop]
01:04  ?? (played backwards)
01:06  djrum - hailing [dubplate]
01:09  unknown - open water (monic version) [osiris music]
01:12  wild beasts - a simple beautiful truth (Djrum Remix) [domino]
01:21  photek - k.m.z. [science]
01:23  arcon 2 - the beckoning [reinforced]
01:37  kiyoko [samurai horo]
01:40  ?? [samurai horo]
01:42  a made up sound - after hours [a made up sound]
01:48  freund der familie - monday (marco furstenberg rmx) [freund der familie]
01:53  answer code request - strange days [answer code request]
01:57  curtis mayfield - pusher man

Saturday, January 31, 2015

dj lean rock + b-ryan - free in the style 2

the mighty break dj and boston b-boy lean rock returns with b-ryan to kickstart the party with hi-energy loops, seriously funky riffs and dangerous drum rolls. he drops a few of his productions too, now it's your turn to show your best moves!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Distance - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix (Jan 2015)

after leon switch, its the chestplate captain's turn to get you into the mood of this friday's fabric show. plenty shades of after dark textures in the name of the original dubstep aesthetics. distance sticks to the decade old legacy by showcasing both spacious and staggering sub frequencues, and that's exactly what you should expect from the veteran bass runner.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

youngsta w/ peverelist @ 26 jan 2015

alongside lx one and skittles, youngsta's trendsetter minimal mondays rinse fm session got an extra dose of bristol bass this week by livity sound's don peverelist. the perfect choice for your weekly dose of wobbling bass on techy edges!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

fracture @ 13th jan 2015

fracture rocks the rinse studio yet again with the usual mad mixture of early jungle, upfront footwork, twisted out slowfast and everything that has enough boom to shake the room. seriously funky, or better say astrophonical!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Leon Switch - FABRICLIVE x Chestplate Mix jan 2015

2014 was the year of change for kryptic minds. leon switch continues to pursue the bass heavy meditation in solo for the first time in many years, while simon follows the bass heavy abstract techno of his osiris music label under the new mønic moniker. if you have missed the spacious pulsation of the earlier kryptic minds sound, just check the fabric teaser packed with dubs by the latest addition of distance's chestplate family.

01. Leon Switch - Intro [dubplate]
02. Leon Switch - BlackHole [dubplate]
03. Leon Switch - Ielyss [Chestplate]
04. Leon Switch - Untitled [dubplate]
05. Chewy and Boot - Only Me (leonSwitchVIP)
06. Leon Switch featuring Alys B - Untitled - [dubplate]
07. Matt Deco Vs Kelly Dean - Concrete Landscapes (leonSwitch Remix) [Smog]
08. Distant Horizon - Reamz Featuring Flipz MC (leonSwitch Remix) [Bacon Dubs]
09. Leon Switch - Untitled [dubplate]
10. Leon Switch - Untitled [dubplate]
11. Leon Switch - Untitled [dubplate]
12. Leon Switch - Untitled [dubplate]
13. LSN - Infection(leonSwitch Remix) [FWDSound]
14. Leon Switch - Deadlock [Chestplate]

Thursday, January 08, 2015

tipper @ cosm 4 jan 2015

a mesmerizing magical journey from the sine bender don dave tipper, recorded live a few days ago at the chapel of sacred mirrors. out of this world production as always from the former fuel records bass head. just another unmissable brilliant ambient electronica performance!