Tuesday, November 25, 2014

youngsta w/ hodge & facta @ rinse 24th nov 2014

youngsta brings the vibes of deep space techno spiced up with sub sonic dubstep vibrations alongside his two guests hodge and facta. unusual, yet familiar blend of bass into a new dimension.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

kowton @ nts radio 2 oct 2014

bristol bass for the airwaves, kowton shows some superfine deep cuts to showcase their world at livity sound. spacious, delicately measured and deep mixture of techno and dubstep. exactly how i love it served.

Friday, October 03, 2014

mixmag in session - peverelist

the precious punch drunk's 'worth the weight vol.2' compilation is upon us, so you the head honcho peverelist is spinning a feature session at mixmag to represent the event, with an additionall dose of his and friends more recent project, livity sound. superb hypnotic spaced out bass business on repeat, but what else would you expect from one of bristols true innovators? oh, by the way, have you seen the livity sound dubspot interview yet?

Kowton 'More Games' (MM/KM More Names remix) (Livity Sound)
Beneath 'Fuck Ya'll'
Batu 'MK9'
Pev & Hodge 'Something Else'
Hodge 'Resolve' (Punch Drunk)
Asusu 'Velez' (A Made Up Sound Remix 2) (Livity Sound)
Brassfoot 'Foxhole' (Apron)
Bruce 'Tilikum' (Livity Sound)
Hodge 'Amor Fati' (Livity Sound)
Low Concept 'Bugz' (Alex Coulton remix) (White Asega)
Bruce 'Just Getting Started' (Livity Sound)
Spatial 'Primatives' (Bass Clef interpretation) (Broken20)
Jitterbug 'Jus Drums' (Uzuri)
Facta 'Poliwhirl' (Wisdom Teeth)
Peverelist 'Kinetics' (Magic & Dreams)
Peverelist 'Roll With the Punches' (Kowton Linear mix) (Punch Drunk)

Friday, June 20, 2014

getdarkerTV - j:kenzo+toast @ cross club prague 7 june 2014

the latest getdarker tv podcast was aired from prague with the artikal records' head honcho don kenzo pon the controls. expect nothing special, just the standard sound system wrecking bottom end bass meditation, which is fairly enough for a rockin set. fire!

fancy watching the whole show?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Plastikman - Ex Live (album stream)

new plastikman album in a decade, just before his exclusive appearance at sonar'14 in barcelona. it's a live recording from the the fundraiser event of new york's prestigious guggenheim museum to the invitation of dior's artistic director, raf simons. however the plastikman 1.5 show would have been more than welcomed, richie hawtin locked himself in to record quickly and effortessly a fresh material as his interpretation of art, architecture, painting and sculpture, all inspired by the guggenheim museum. well, the outcome is different from my two favorites, musik and consumed. i still don't entirely get those bright and bold trancey pads compared to the old dark, gritty and tricky textures, but hey.. it was made with an upper-class fundraiser fashion show in mind. 

digital out now, physical to follow with a subpac deal in a month's time. you can also read some thoughts of mr. hawtin in a fresh interview by djtechtools.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

mixmag in session - kahn&neek

the hotline crew just can't stand still. it's been just a week ago when kahn promoted outlook festival with a huge sound system set, now he returns with his brother-in-arm neek for a heavyweight grimewave for mixmag. brissle bass business at it's finest from the lads responsible for bandulu, hotline, gorgon sound, young echo and some more. bring it on!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

outlook mix series 8 - kahn

the bristol bassbin bombardier comes next to shake like an earthquake in the name of the infamous bass festival in croatia. in dub we must trust, just listen the original sound system vibes unleashed by one of the biggest bass talents to date. whatever he does on a broad spectrum, kahn just can't go wrong. kill it rudebwoy!

Monday, May 12, 2014

jungle fever - short documentary by dazed

from house to hardcore to jungle, into drum and bass. educational video about one of the most influental genre of modern electronic music. legendary figure heads like fabio & grooverider, ray keith, hype, kenny ken, brockie, the ragga twins and many more from the days of glory. to be honest, i was touched by the moment when ray keith have put the needle carefully on a white label version of his absolute classic 'terrorist'. his eyes tell a tale, and the utterly satisfied smile of nicky blackmarket to the sound is just priceless. go emotional to the mighty sound of jungle!  

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Narod Niki Live At MUTEK 2003

well, the legendary narod niki live from mutek 2003 have been released at last! masterminded by ricardo villalobos with minimal figureheads like hawtin, akufen, robert henke, luciano, dan bell, cabanne, dandy jack and dimbiman were using the relatively new ableton live to network their live jam. a legendary part of electronic music history!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

nightclubber sideways 012 - laurine frost

old time music maniac friend, laurine frost (salto, thema, archipel, etc) made a delicate mixture of many elements taken from tracks, into a constant flow of soundscapes and pulsation. this is how a talented producer sounds when he slices up his favourite tracks, glues together in ableton and gives a birth of something completely new. this podcast for the romanian nightclubber podcast is highly recommended for everyone into repetitive minimalism and likes shackleton or bruno ponsato.

Monday, March 03, 2014

the terminator theme riddle

an interesting read of one of the most inspiring tune of a past era, the terminator theme is still a landmark of many. 

 “Terminator was very difficult because I was using many different synths and sequencers and because I didn’t have MIDI available on many of them I had to sync them by hand. This is why the main theme is in a very odd time signature. The looping of the Prophet 10 was just a little short of a complete measure.” read more

Sunday, March 02, 2014

acid party documentary from 1996

back to the smokey strobo shades of acid house in hungary, this 20 minutes documentary features a few enigmatic characters of the hungarian electronic music. glowsticks, pills, speakers and speeches by dj palotai (tilos radio), naga (hairy records), bernath/y (supersonic, RIP), szell laszlo (ucmg/ugar records), tommyboy (pornostar records), etc. and of course many party participants sky high on stuff. this is the documentary feature "ezredvegi ossztanc" (millennium dance).

Sunday, February 23, 2014

monolake live @ ego dusseldorf 5 june 1999

monolake's timeless tunes had been rearranged in this 15 years old live recording that robert henke found accidentally today. a lovely flood of mesmerising atmosphere, lush repetition and subtle sounds yet again from the ableton mastermind. just awesome.

"This is a live recording, captured at Ego club in Düsseldorf, June 5 1999. The music has been created with a self written step sequencer, the PX-18, controlling a basic sample player and effects engine, all done in MaxMSP, running on a Powerbook G3. The step sequencer had some unique features, e.g. the ability to switch patterns independently in each track, which later became an important part of a certain music software. I found the recording on a backup disk today. It has not been edited or mastered. During the first 20 minutes of the set, and before the 'encore' the Monolake CD 'Gobi' is playing in the background."

Saturday, February 22, 2014

circadian rhythms w/ j-cush @ nts radio 21 feb 2013

altough the mix is not flawless, london's last japan and blackwax brings some very good tunes on their show. just to mention the legendary toasty's brand new track! the almost one year old show was uploaded now for your listening pleasure.

02 Wen - Play Your Corner ft. Riko
03 Corporal F - Prophecy
05 Jagwar Ma - Uncertainty (MssingNo Remix)
06 L-Vis 1990 - Ballad 4D (VIP) [PRECISE MASTER]
07 Visionist - 6. Visionist - Something Old, Something New
08 Miss Modular - Reflector Pack (8 Bar)
09 Dark0 - Chaos
10 Timbaland - Bounce (Instrumental Version)
11 g3p0 - Cally Road
12 Ra's Al & Neana Fatale - 42 Dunjunz
14 CASisDEAD - Cheese Slice (JME Remix)
15 Toasty - Metal
16 Plata - Kru (MssingNo Remix)
17 Mike G - NUVO
18 Blackwax - Phobia
19 Flukes - Wifey Riddim (DJ Milktray's Making It Personal Edit)
20 Akkord - Destruction (Special Request VIP)
21 Code Switch (Georgia Girls Hollow Nose Edition)
22 Sudanim- Midrift
23 Visionist - Trapped
24 Wen - Bombarded (War Dub)
25 Twwth - Lined Dot Dub
26 Southside Allstars - Southside (Original)
27 CASisDEAD - P.A.S.O.U. (The Purist Remix)

[J-Cush Guest Mix] + Prince Rapid on mic.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

the chemical brothers - live at the social part 1

do you remember the bassbin breaker dusty beats of the chemical brothers back in the 90s? well, here is a rock solid relic of their dj show that will make you move. horrendouns beats, acidic funk flow, the brothers gonna work it out.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

rbma15 - what difference does it make

years has gone so fast that i couldn't imagine red bull music academy has become 15! i feel it was just yesterday when i first heard of rbma in 2001, and now the institute of innovative artists celebrates one and half decade of forward thinking by a massive full-lenght feature film about making music. artists like brian eno, philip glass, nile rodgers, rakim, lee scratch perry, richie hawtin, fly lo and many more invite you to witness the challenges of a musician living today. what's bloody brilliant is that yesterday's world premiere in 65 cities, now you can download the film in hd for free! what a wonderful present, thank you rbma for everything.

Monday, February 17, 2014

big up podcast 81 - hatti vatti

i bet hatti vatti's name rings a bell to all deep heads because the polish lad was putting out a few fine releases on 'mindset', 'on the edge' or 'new moon' in the past five years. his new podcast of dense ambient electronica soundscapes that meant to spread the word of his debut album just saved my day. don't miss it if you need an exit door from your daily routine. while listening to his post-autonomic style lush soundscapes, read bigup's nice interview by the man.

01) Hatti Vatti – Worship Nothing (New Moon Recordings)
02) Troy Gunner – Capacity (Demand Records)
03) Es.tereo – Blurmotion [Indigo remix] (forthcoming Urban Poetry Records)
04) Hatti Vatti – Algebra 6 (Nowe Nagrania)
05) Hatti Vatti – 1ne (New Moon Recordings)
06) Indigo – Genetic Memories (dub)
07) Stickman – These Eyes (dub)
08) Jafu – What’s Your Theory (Deep Heads)
09) Jalex – Next Step (Eternia Music)
10) Hatti Vatti – Synthesis (New Moon Recordings)
11) ??? – ??? (dub)
12) Heden – Her Loss (dub)
13) Kontext – Worldbridger (forthcoming Absys Records)
14) Theme – ??? (forthcoming Samurai Horo)
15) Reza & Gremlinz – Akiko (forthcoming Cylon)
16) Perverse – Terrain (dub)
17) Synkro – Synthetic (dub)
18) SGNL & R4NS0M – Rubber (forthcoming Absys Records)
19) Khords & R381 – Helix Part 2 (forthcoming CX:Digital)
20) Hatti Vatti – Algebra 7 (Nowe Nagrania)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

toilet room

meanwile in sydney, the moving house collective made their move with paleman debuting at the boiler... err, toilet room. (read more)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

fact mix 421 - akkord

well, who else should have brought the mathematical 4-2-1 issue of fact's mix serie? akkord debuted back in january 2012 at rob booth's electronic explorations. the manchester born anonymus crew was blending beats round the house. their mighty album was recently debuted on fabric's houndstooth label run by rob and they revealed their masks. i can't imagine a better start for this year than hearing the bass addict synkro and indigo forging the geometric beats under their akkord pseudo. instead of serving an all-akkord mix, they were scoping the styles for fact mag that has a huge impact on the project. tool, muslimgauze, asc, andy xhin, in short: don't dare to skip this unique set!

01. Tool – Aenima
02. Muslimgauze – 8am, Tel Aviv, Islamic Jihad
03. Montalk – 54562
04. ENA – Decoding Method
05. ASC – Reconfig
06. Black Amiga – Crayola
07. Akkord – Folded Edge
08. The Machine – Track ll
09. Talk In Silence – Send Them Out
10. Xhin – Curtain Cloud / Biosphere – Meltwater
11. Bleaching Agent – Eksand
12. Andy Stott – Up The Box
13. Drumcell – Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
14. Caski – Elephant Tribe (Troy Gunner Remix)
15. Akkord – Gradient
16. Fearful – Untitled
17. Montalk – Nocturnal
18. Felix K – Flowers Of Destruction #7
19. Emptyset – Order
20. Lakker – Mausoleum
21. Demdike Stare – Primitive Equations / Burial – Untitled
22. Akkord – Destruction (Special Request VIP)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ra.393 - om unit

while touring in the states, om unit keeps the heads attached to the net busy. the latest feature surfaces on resident advisor's prestigious podcast and it is a hell of a amen roll riden wonder with many brilliantly bright beats evolving from his trademark slowfast up to drum and bass. you just can not miss, so grab it while the link available and read a few words on ra's site.

Boxcutter - Not The End Of The World (Cosmic Bridge)
Moresounds - Flocon (Astrophonica)
Ital Tek - Fireflies (Planet Mu)
Ital Tek - Jupiter Ascent (Planet Mu)
Mark Pritchard - Natty (Warp)
Om Unit - Jaguar (Civil Music)
Dj Madd - Someone (Breakage remix) (Black Box)
Coleco - Focus 10 (Om Unit remix) (Runtime)
Om Unit & Kid Drama - Grind (Exit)
Om Unit - Timelines (forthcoming Metalheadz)
Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Sam Binga's Crackey Parrot refix) (dubplate)
Sam Binga ft Redders - Leftem (Critical)
Homemade Weapons & Gremlinz (feat Collinjah) - After Dark (J Kenzo remix) (Samurai Music)
Machinedrum - Gunshotta (Om Unit's Rollers VIP) (Ninja Tune)
Moresounds - Blood (Astrophonica)
Graphs - Scylla (Ground Mass)
Gremlinz, Rumbleton, The Untouchables - Apache (Samurai Music)
Naibu (feat. Key) - Just Like You (Fracture remix) (Horizons)
Onoe Caponoe - Milky Way (Djrum remix dub) (2nd Drop)
Bus + Soom T - Keep Life Right (Dabrye remix instrumental) (Ghostly)
EAN - Don't You Know (Original Cultures)
Om Unit - Corridor 2013 (Civil Music)
J Kenzo (feat. Rhianna Kenny) - Eyes Wide Open (dBridge remix) (Rinse)
Goldie - Sea Of Tears (FFRR)