Thursday, June 16, 2005

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i`ve put some new mix links to the right side. i will continue to roll them until my site`s facelift will be finished. aite, let`s see what are these links.

borgyar VI was a nice art festival in an abandoned factory in szekesfehervar/hungary. on that night i was spinning there were sevral noise and experimental live acts, then FineCutBodies/CHI played a cool laptop set of glitch hop/fuzzy electrobreaks, then i was spinnin dubstep and breaks and later the IKZ pseudocollective aka crimson&chrom was pushing minimal house till dawn. (ogg)
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the next is a warmup set i was done before Seba and Robert Manos in feb05 on our gig. i`ll put the whole night online... the warmup contained dubstep and breaks again. (ogg)
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the following two mixes are two promo mixes for our forthcoming gig in july. Philipp Maiburg is the head of the brilliant Combination Records and not last a member of the Phoneheads duo. this set was played on the new Phoneheads album launch party in Dusserforf.
Matt Flores is a superb producer, a fine broken beat dj and a cool MC. here is his Matts set!

and the older ones:
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these are two mixes i`ve done in autumn 2004. i`ve to admit i dont owe any interfaces (i only mix on events not at home.. shame shame) and this time i got just two cdjs. i was about to ask my mates for ttables too but i changed my mind... i though let`s just have a special mix! anyway, these are my first cdj-only mixes... you get some promos, exclusives and a few which have been released since i got it... (mp3)

My 2 Cents part 1 - Shades of Rhythm
(guest mix for, hungary`s biggest dnb site)

01 Jimmy Edgar - I Wanna Be Your STD [warp]
02 Dak - Wrong Hours [unsigned]
03 Hidden Lab - Backslash Revisited [unsigned]
04 Fracture+Neptune - Untitled [unsigned]
05 Infuse - Downpour [counter intelligence]
06 Jason Os - Solaris [unsigned]
07 Paradox - Esoteric Funk pt.2 [reinforced]
08 Seba - Ues [unsigned]
09 Chris Inperspective - Each Twin Unique [unsigned]
10 Materia - Impact (paradox rmx) [basic]
11 Da Gremlinz - Stranjah 8th Spirit [gamma ray]
12 Seba - Make Peace [unsigned]
13 ASC+Subwave - Storm System [unsigned]
14 Resound - Runnin [unsigned]
15 ICR - Change Inside (asc rmx) [offshore]
16 Mav-Walk The Earth [unsigned]
17 Diode+konception - Aether (polar rmx) [unsigned]

My 2 Cents part 2 - Heavy Atmosphere
(guest mix for, hungary`s leading online radio)

01 Centrik - Three Point Nine [scientific]
02 Cable - Wish I`d Been There (intersidereal rmx) [unsigned]
03 Jason OS - 808 [cymbalism]
04 Miklo - Dismante [unsigned]
05 Resound - Circular Structure [unsigned]
06 Intersidereal - Earth In Sight [scientific]
07 - Solaris [unsigned]
08 Seba - Piemo For B [paradox music]
09 Mav - Atomic Collision [covert operations]
10 ASC - Kismet [warm communications]
11 Simon V+Double J - Odysseus [santorin]
12 Materia - Superimposed [unsigned]
13 Mav - Me Against The Machine [fokuz]
14 ASC - Spirit Waves [unsigned]
15 Interactive - Far Away [highlight]
16 Electrosoul System - Disk Failed [testflight]
17 ASC+System - Untitled [unsigned]
18 Intex System - Covenant [covert operations]
19 Orion - Placid [gamma ray]

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here is a minimal dub/clickfunk set i`ve played in may 2004 on an open air festival called entret. on the top of a mountain, surrounded by forest...this set was featured on pararadio `s paradocs too for a while. the 2hrs set begins with chilly sounds, soundscapes, xperimental, then the minimal sounds take it over and at about 52min. it's dancefloor time with deep minimal tracks.. (mp3)
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and finally ther you have seba/secret operations`s first hungarian appearance`s whole night set. we have organised that to the mighty tv-tower in pecs. c0p warmup, seba`s set and one two three sets of seba b2b c0p. sorry for the skippies, we were tired and the booth speakers werent in mint condition... (ogg)

enjoy them and make some comments!

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