Wednesday, January 04, 2006

derrick may/text summary05

today timi called me from the mag editorial as i was chosen to make the first hungarian interview with the detroit techno legend. i`m quite happy now altough several months passed without any interviews o`mine (reviews sections are constant tho). browsing my articles` list i found out that i have to continue, no matter how the profile was changed at freee magazine. the worst case is that i`ll release interviews via internet :) gosh, how many text i poured for the masses in the past 5 solid years! :D
i`ll upload all interviews/reviews onto the forthcoming for pro users (labels, artists) i can give links to hi-q mag scans too. i`m also open for new contacts who thinks that hungary`s one and only, fully electronic music related paper mag is a cool board for your material... and yeah, thanks for those 150+++ supporters labels/artists who keep on pushing dubplates+releases into my boxes every month! you are large!

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