Sunday, January 29, 2006

me myself and i

i`m not sure what happened but i got interviewed by hungary`s leading electronic music magazine (where i write anyway). i was trying to find an exit but they really wanted to do it :) i also got asked by freee in 2001, now they wanna repeat it. besides that called for an interview and dj set as well for a launching mix serie. hmmm, this is kinda unique post... i dont like to write about myself :) but then let it go and let me hunt another classic. turning back the wheels of time i found this oldie interview as well on c64hq which reminds me to a LOT of fun and great time on the commodore64 scene. i was asked in the first phase with several elite sceners. i was very impressed by seeing the names in the header of the email. bigup morpheus/flash inc!

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