Tuesday, January 24, 2006

top beats of 2005

i`ve finally decided to tag top10tunes of 2005. yeah, into 4 widely selected top10`s instead of one ultimate tentracker... it seems the best label was unsigned again :D (c`mon soo much brilliant tunes stayed unreleased altough some of them i got in january! does the music industry struggling? okay, joking mode off. dont get me wrong, i spotted max 1 tunes from labels/artist, no matter how much goodies they had altho was quite challenging task. it was veryveryvery hard to choose a few tunes and i`m sure i`d add a lot more (son of the electric ghost, monolake, vex`d, dissident, switch, autechre, four tet, etc... a LOT gems are lurkin out there)

drum and bass/drumfunk
genetix - Red Square [unsigned] absolutely amazing!
Jason OS - Clark Nova (remastered) [counter intelligence tba] this guy is quality
Seba - External Reality [secret operations] no more words. constantly bloody cool
ICR - Weight Of Soul [unreleased] a wicked blend near to drumfunk
Con.Struct - I Feel The Earth Move [outsider] golden era drumwise atmo bizness
Young Ax - Take Off [unsigned] amazing chip funk drums madness
Tundra - Deep Sleep [microcosm] forward thinking experimentalism
Implex+Mav - Chasm [covert ops] the good old covert ops strikes back
Snaper - Symmetrie [unsigned] drum and bass infected minimalism a la photek. a big newcomer!
Kubiks+Lomax - Reveal It [defunked] pure liquid funk roller

Search&Destroy - Mark Of The Beast [combat wax] grimey breakstep mayhem. stunning
Elemental - Deep Under [hotflush tba] chain reacted dubbed out dubstep. hot artist (actually it got signed to hf)
Toasty - Angel [hotflush] very-very hard selection from quality HF releases
Distance - Fallen [boka] distance is on fire. fallen is an indian dub fever for sure
Boxcutter - Bad You dub [planet mu tba] stunning dubbed drumwork. warning talent alert!
White Papoo - The Only Trip [bass invaderz] excellent electrobreaks from distortionz` label
Takomo - Projections [unsigned] gosh, liquid breaks
Ed209+Long Range - Dr.Hoover [hardcore beats] phonkey bassline break out of orbit(al)
Kraymon+30Hz - Drug Noize [vertical sound] wicked tech funk stompa
Skream - Aint It Cold? [destructive] skream is on top. hard decision but i tagged because i still love it

Isolee - We Are Monster LP [playhouse] an unique must have album for all
Sleeparchive - Recycle EP [sleeparchive] just the mention one of the hottest acts in 2005
Portable - Version LP [scape] damn, this or deadbeat`s fresh lp? hard decision. this time portable won in the clicky affair
Douglas Breed - Lopaz (robag rmx) [combination] awesome clicky foundsound tuneage
Tadeo - Feel The Vibrations [apnea] minimal dub heaven
Mikkel Metal - Rmx EP4 [echocord] vainqueur is back!
Maetrik - Casi Profundo LP [treibstoff] glitchy trippy phunkey scifi techhouse
Bruno Pronsato - Wurorinen [orac] newschool quirky trippy sweetness
I.A. Bericochea - Sueno [rojo] minus artists wicked and diverse minimal album
Jay Haze - Berlin Pimpin Love Affair [musikkrause] jay is the man together with someone else. two big inventors

Dirty Diggers - For The Haters [zebra traffic] contant smiling on the face. awesome beats`n`rhymes
Markus Kienzl - Product LP [klein] wickedo`n`diverse sofa surfer solo from dub to hiphop and broken beat
Busdriver - Fear Of A Black Tangent LP [bigdada] tricky words, funny sounds, hiphop coolness
Considerate Builders Scheme - Exit To Riverside LP [combination] glitch hop yo!
Rodney Hunter - Find It (makossa+megablast remake) [g stone] smashing dubbed out breaky rework!
Quantic Soul Orchestra - Pushin On [tru thoughts] raw funk boooy!
Felix Laband - Dark Days Exit [compost] damn, just like a dark but naive children story. unique!
Kosma - New Aspects [infracom!] maybe this years most diverse nujazz album.
Jaga - What We Must [ninja tune] sooo nice live album from norways fusion group formerly known as jaga jazzist
Matt Flores - Rinsin [unsigned] cool as ice broken beat cut

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