Thursday, February 01, 2007

new mixes!

yeah... i`m quite busy in the past months with the new site (as usual LOL). the good is that i`m busy as fock with new posters, logos, identities, mixes, radio shows, parties and finshing phd. the bad is that i simply run out of time every time at the end of the day. i`ve finished dozens of drafts here waiting for publish (including the usual stuff) but i`m more focusing on the new engine and design of till then i use a flickr page for photos, deviantart for graphics and myspace for sets :D thats pretty much fragmented init? yeah maybe its easier to restart posting here until the new site is ready... damn :D aite, no more text, just listen to a few new sets of mine and i think it over. :)
please drop a note if you`re lurkin around and let the music flow! i`m curious how much peeps are visiting this old fart :) if there are not enough visitors i`ll maybe leave the blog hibernated :)


stui said...

halihó...ezek a mixek elérhetőek leszenk majd az új site-on? főleg a rádiósok érdekelnének!

stui said...

bár sejtem a választ, de azért droplotam egy note-ot :)

t said...

én is írok, hogy nehogy hibernáld a blogot. a mixek jók, jó lenne, ha letölthetők lennének. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Switch.
Regen beszeltunk. Majd megproballak levadaszni MSNen, remelem meg hasznalod a regi cimed :S
A mixek jok es a kepeid is. Megint lehuztam a felet. ^^
Nem hiszem h jo otlet lenne beagyasztani a blogot.
Legyel MSNen :)