Sunday, June 10, 2007

c0p portfolio may 2007

aww just finished my graphics portfolio covering about ten years of work. you can surf through almost 100 pages of selected material. an advertising company in los angeles asked my portfolio as they had a free space for a full time art director. i was lucky to get this opportunity not to mention that after so many busy years finally i had to take my time. it took about a month to find`n`save 10 years` stuff in high quality from archives, select the goodies, do a concept`n`layout, put all in one, get test presses, revise and finish the book and for last doing a web-based pdf too. i have to admit i can do stuffs even better than in my portfolio hahah :D


Anonymous said...├ęp

c0p said...

koszonom (nevvel szivesebben olvasok iet :))