Wednesday, August 22, 2007

freee relaunch+aug07 charts

i thought i`d put a fresh chart from the past 2 weeks` dubplates :)

dubstep dirty dozen august 2007

00 d1 - mainframe [tempa tba]
00 rsd - pretty bright light [punch drunk]
00 bar kimura (vex`d rmx) [tba]
00 elemental - blob [unsigned]
00 hit by a rock - hungry [unsigned]
00 scarecrow - liquid demon [run time tba]
00 wiley - tingles [dumpvalve tba]
00 headhunter - sushi brain [tempa tba]
00 wascal - daily grind VIP [unsigned]
00 roommate&spl - shevil (test) [unsigned]
00 metalbox products - same mistakes [unsigned]
00 lone wolf - uproot [bloodied blade tba]

send me your charts if u have something to show and i add you to the magazine`s chart section (gigacop at gmail).

and here i come with the first four review pack i put online at our freshly re-launched legendary (hmm at least it was the very first electronic music mag in hungary) magazine site for freee mag. from now the 13 years old mag will go party online answering to the needs of the readers. from now on i can upload articles in countless numbers which gives me much more freedom and of course much more readers! of course i`ll continue writing to the paper mag of just they limited the articles there... we had kind of 5000 issues sold in the past which means about 20.000 readers but a LOT of old lads haven`t bought the mag for years. now they wont miss anything and could find what fits to their interests. got to mention i`m welcome promos as always :). all rite here comes the articles (in hungarian!) watch this space as the mag portal`s relaunch was late 4 months so i have more than 50 reviews to post! :D i hate this situation bu got used to it. sooner or later all reviews will be upped inclunding those cca 300 i wrote earlier :)

RSD – Corner Dub / Pretty Bright Light [Punch Drunk]
Matt Flores – Nice Day EP [Farside]
Martyn – Broken / Shadowcasting [Revolve:r]
Easy Changes – Caviar EP [Foundsound]

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