Saturday, September 29, 2007

berlin dub vs bristol bass

yesss! i`ve been told so many times that dub is the universal language. anytime i spin records i add dubby elements no matter if i play hiphop, nujazz, dubstep, minimal, breaks or even drum and bass. one camp proved their indestructible sound, the basic channel camp. truly original and totally connected to the roots of dub. dubstep seemed to do the same: altering the original and do something new. seems like the two genre have finally melted in some beats what i love! for example martyn and 2562 from holland are coming with a dnb/techno background to shake the dubstep with their sound, or kode9+burial was here for years showing some cross-genre activities and meltig the berlin sound to minimalistic dubstep or even the new breed of bristol showing some love. appleblim and pinch visited the hard wax hq a few months ago asking t++`s (former part of monolake) for some dubstep remixes while t++ and friends are doing some nice dubstep/techno variations on new outputs like scion versions or erosion. well, gutter has hit the nail in the head with his new mix september mix called blogariddims25. he was about to show the both sides of the coin with some super berlin dub stuffs from 2007 at inprints like echospace, echocord and modern love (each of them are my most rated labels and artists), and the new breed of bristol dubstep talents like a tune of the forthcoming reduction records by mastermind thinking, tunes bygatekeeper, pinch/tectonic, jakes+hunter/hench, or peverelist/punch drunk. awesome selection so grab it fast while it lasts!

Deepchord - Vantage Isle (Convextion Mix) (Echospace [Detroit])
Deepchord presents Echospace - Sunset (Modern Love)
Substance & Vainqueur - Reverberation (Scion Versions)
Quantec - Longwinded Edit (Echocord)
Marko Furstenberg - Falling Leaves (A.R.T.less)
Blunt - City Rain (cv313's Reduction) (Dpress)
cv313 - Dimensional (Echospace [Detroit])
Deepchord - Untitled (Hierophant)
Claude Vonstroke - Who's Afraid Of Detroit? (Deepchord Remix) (Echospace [Detroit])
Deepchord presents Echospace - Empyrean (Modern Love)

Wedge - Overfiend (Gatekeeper Remix) (Reduction)
Gatekeeper - Tense Past (Punch Drunk)
? - ? (cd-r)
Pinch - Deserted Island (cd-r)
Jakes - Mars Dub (cd-r)
Martin Buttrich - Well Done (Headhunter Remix) (Four:Twenty)
Skepta - Stage Show Rhythm (Adamantium)
Peverelist - Infinity Is Now (cd-r)

if you wanna know more just read his blog or check martin blackdown`s serie on pitchfork which is always a very nice read.

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