Thursday, September 20, 2007

elemental live @ platform

while we are working with adam on shaping his re-launching dubstep label i love listening to his sound. i`m sure adam elemental`s runtime records will make waves on the dubstep scene. just listen to his live set recorded on platform one. i`m happy to play his forthcoming tunes in my sets but it`s much more important to have a very good partner in all fields and even more important having him as a honest pal in distance for years. okay, lets skip the emotions and fire the set! :D

01. 925
02. Desert Storm
03. Raw Material
04. Empty
05. Boxed In
06. Shiner
07. China White Remix (Dot)
08. Zimbal Dub
09. Blob
10. Get Up
11. Strange Brew pt 2 (feat Lohan)
12. Fur Drum
13. Arise
14. Sine Classic
15. Stompa
16. Espionage Remix (Search & Destroy)
17. Dangerous (Elemental + 3D)
18. Attack (Elemental + 3D)
19. Sirens/Bleep/Tribute Outro

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