Sunday, September 16, 2007

heavyweight-cyrus, jack sparrow, exodus

i`ve finished my next graphic for my fam in newcastle. i`ve become a member of the crew a few weeks ago as i`ve become their official graphician (also we were speaking of some a&r business for a forthcoming label). this poster wasnt mean to be made by me but another designer who was asked to work for one job just like me several weeks ago. well he was didnt make it till deadline so i was asked to do SOS a poster and flyer in 6 hours... it was a haste job don`t judge it too hard please (tho i finished under 5 hours). i hate stress but i can live with it.. anyway here we go. cyrus loved it so he asked me to do his soonish starting croydon based night too. well thats gooood! :D

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