Thursday, October 04, 2007

r h y t h m & s o u n d + t i k i m a n

two news. one bad. one good. starting with the bad: we couldn`t manage to drop a dream show in pecs with the godfather himself. the good news is mortiz von oswald and tikiman will come to budapest alongside tikiman to play a live show! i`ve been hypnotized by his tunes from the begining and his sound was the reason i started dj`ing seriously. not to mention i`ve been supporting the whole berlin dub / minimal movement in articles, sets and organized events for more than 10 years. can`t deny this is what i love the most besides all other styles and genres. so i`m very happy to hear him playing live on the very first eastern-europe act. i`ve been hiding this info for months and at last its official! it was a hard task to keep the secret but i succeeded! :D meanwhile i was asked to play a 3 hours warm up set with isu before their live show. i think i just got a few dozen haters :/ anyway, i was 100% happy from the very begining with being just a part of the audience but of course i didn`t refuse isu`s honourable invitation behind the decks.

meanwhie you`re counting the days til the rare and unique show in november just grab this live recording to hear their masterpieces. you can read more and grab sets from rhythm&sound and tikiman on boombox`s site and browse the basic channel camp`s releases.

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