Tuesday, November 06, 2007

landmark web sites

are there any groundbreaking and landmark sites in the short history of the internet such as a quality identity or poster in the classic graphic design`s history? as i read in this interesting article i was quite sure that there are only a few to remember. first of all the evolution of the young world wide web is constant and as a swift evolving medium it`s really hard to find solid grounded quality sites what stand still. quantity over quality also doesnt help our search tho you can see a fair amount of quality content in the overhelming millions. a few points that makes the task hard:
- everything is old after 15 mins on the internet and also you get your mind bombed dozens of sites every day.
- function is definitely over form so all aesthetic questions are just secondary (too less experimental or artistic sites exist)
- a style or design come into fame and extincts very fast. thats what i call fast metabolism
- the old sites` destiny are depends on hosts not like other paper based mediums` case
- the sites sticks to your monitor and not acts like a poster or logo on different environments. i think that would change soon with mobile wired technolgies. i`m sure the data storage systems will change and everyone will download instantly all information (including clips, movies, music, graphics, art, books, etc) to several hardwares found in your home, car, pocket, club, etc...
- landmarks nowdays are mostly unique and fresh content managing methods and not designs. just think about amazon, google, itunes, flickr, youtube, etc...

just really a few sites to mention that added some extra flavours to my life but i`m not sure if they are landmarks.

yeh and yesterday i started a twitter account... don`t ask why, maybe i like sms sized blog comments... this world is the land of confusion, why should i send sms sized blog comments via mobile when i`m not around the computer? :D anyway, its the next geek crazyness, watch out!

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