Sunday, January 20, 2008

dj blog 01

i`m about to compose a long article about electro funk`s evolution since the `60s through the future and i spotted a lot of old school classics. while listening to them my mind started to follow the path back to the past and i thought i`d add my thoughts to a newly started account on a hungarian dj blog (where actually i won`t write that much for sure heh). here you can read the stuff if you feel like reading hungarian text. if not, just watch this amazing video. this is true history and you can focus directly to the source of the music: the streets of NY. from the street dance fights and trashcan percussion of a block party to the shiny limelight of the hip clubs, this is evolution! it shocked me a lot. awesome video for an absolutely classic tune! yeah i`m not sure if i might add direct links to youtube or should i embed videos what dramatically reduce the speed of the site... until then, just check this!
Hot Streak - Body Work

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