Monday, January 28, 2008

lego is 50

seems like there is another celebrating post this month. i`ve been playing sooo much with lego in my childhood that i can`t count the hours :) happy birthday lego!

let`s celebrate with finding our most loved lego sets` building manuals! this is a true time manipulation. you browse from page to page of every manual. you can browse by year, then pick a piece and look the whole manual just like when you first started to build after opening the box. amazing! brick`em! when you`ve done, just watch the whole lego famo`s timeline. well done!

too bad that nowdays lego is fighting for players as children at 5-8 prefer to play with video games and comupters than playing with toys. lego is trying to gain reputation with going online with a game similar to "world of warcraft" called lego universe.

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