Wednesday, November 05, 2008

chain-kemal selection

an upcoming hungarian dj (chain) made a rough selection of kemal`s best tunes. well i wasnt a big fan of the harder part of drum`n`bass but kemal always did something special. so this set did.


1.Kemal - Re_Animation [Architecture Recordings]
2.Kemal & Rob Data - Portal [Negative]
3.Konflict - New World Order [Renegade Hardware]
4.Konflict - The Beckoning [Renegade Hardware]
5.Kemal - Bleed [Negative]
6.Kemal & Rob Data - Konspiracy [Industry Recordings]
7.Kemal & Rob Data - The Mummy [Negative]
8.Kemal - Let It Move You [Industry Recordings]
9.Stakka & Skynet(feat. Konflict) - Bios-Fear [Underfire]
10.Kemal - Mutationz(Part 3) [DSCI4 Records]
11.Kemal & Rob Data - Hostile [Negative Bootleg]
12.Kemal & Rob Data - Gene Sequence [Negative]
13.Kraken - Side Effects(Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Underfire]
14.Kemal - Plan B [Timeless Recordings]
15.Bulletproof - The Nephilim(Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Cyanide Recordings]
16.Kemal & Rob Data - The Encrypter [DSCI4 Records]
17.Faith In Chaos - Possession(Kemal & Rob Data Remix) [Outbreak Records]
18.Konflict - Messiah [Renegade Hardware]

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