Sunday, January 04, 2009

my flyer @ awards 2008 nominations

i`m pretty glad as one of my flyers was nominated to the best partyflyers of hungary 2008. actually i did only a few and not for the most visited/hyped gigs so i`m very happy with that. also i got to mention that my mate roki have three of the six nominations. he worths it without a doubt. sekond has much better flyers than his nominated and as a surprise the young lady mom shaked the charts tossing out some fellow artists like skeam, tr, kynu, jade, fcs, seboe, renderhell, egyedb, etc..

the dj and producer charts show the fact that a dj with hunger of fame has to be also a producer. the producer/dj phenomena manifests on the charts showing almost the same persons on both charts! how funny :) of course these guys are good both at the decks and on the buttons but there are dozens of other djs to be named. well this is simple math. a good producer gains fame and earns gigs so the peeps recognise his name and end of story. the best to do your best and don`t expect anything groundbreaking until you start tweaking Reason for reason in your bedroom. my advice is mate, don`t bother it. do what in your soul and leave fame behind. struggeling with beating tunes for only gaining rep and some extra gigs doesn`t worth putting efforts into bad tunes :) produce if you have something to show for the scene. don`t produce for reaching out more dj booths :)

nominations for best dnb artists 2008
Bal, Cadik, Chris.SU, Jade, DJ Madd, SKC, ICR
nominations for best dnb djs 2008
Bal, Cadik, Chris.SU, Jade, DJ Madd, SKC, DJ Ren
the whole list (if you feel, just drop a vote)

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