Friday, January 16, 2009

various production@clashmusic podcast 15 jan 2009

one of the genrehopping dubsteppers under disguise the various production duo always needs attention. listen to their sets and read more at clash music`s site.

Georgia’s Horse – As it Stops Raining (Various Production remix) [Fire Records]
Various Production – Track
Joker – 80’s [Kapsize]
Joker – Holly Brook Park [Kapsize]
Various Production – Mixput
Thom Yorke – Analyse [Various production remix]
Various Production - tr003
Various Production feat. Gerry Mitchell – The Invisible Lodger pt. 3 [Fire Records]
Max Richter – This Picture of Us. P. [130701]
Jonquil – Lions [Try Harder Records]
Punajaw- Various Production remix
Various Production feat Gerry Mitchell– A Hole in My Memory [Fire Records]
Various Production feat Gerry Mitchell– Idiot Box [Fire Records]
Terry Keeley – Mendz [Them Records]
Lory D – Ghill [Wireblock]
Benga – 26 Baselines [Tempa]
Lory D – Bobby Remix [Wireblock]
Various Production – The Knock
Various Production – Gone
Slugabed – Superphreak [Stuff Records]

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