Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hardcore continuum 2 / peverelist / stacey pullen / mastering

the actual article roll is back. i think i will sum up regular times what i found interesting instead of posting individually... let`s continue with simon reynolds` finishing parts of his wicked serie covering more than a decade of the electronic music (here are the first few).
04. slipping into darkness 1996
05. neurofunk vs speed garage 1997
06. adult hardcore 1999
07. grime 2005
there is an interesting article on the occult lectures of mastering and of course there were two nice interviews as well. first by the legendary kosmik messenger aka stacey pullen and another by the bristolian beatforging rooted records hopping punchdrunker peverelist. there is also a new article about the hungarian dj soap opera on quart (in hungarian).

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