Tuesday, February 10, 2009

monolake live @ tv tower pecs 03.apr.2004

here is mr.henke`s live @ tv-tower pecs, hungary / april 2004. it is a fine blend of the whole monolake discography as i requested before the gig. whohave heard him live have been haunting me for the audio since then, so it`s high time to let it go just before henke`s return to hungary (21st feb - merlin/budapest) i also have our 4 hours back2back set in mp3 (isu and tegla of the infamous hungarian minimalheads and myself as the organiser) which i might put online to. until then, please enjoy this one! (for the hungarians here is my monolake interview back from 2004 too)
after almost five years we`ll join our forces again to a same line up in budapest. that`s why i dug my digital crates for this loooong awaited special set. that year robert canceled almost all of his live acts and people in hungary haven`t stopped speaking of this legendary set (as they say). grab this well baked goodie!


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