Wednesday, February 25, 2009

partyzoo artfoto competition

the story begins when the owner of partyzoo asked me to contribute on his site with a serie of shots on his brand new contest. when he called me a half year later i uploaded a new serie named urbanism i just took in pecs extreme park. it`s been about 15 months ago. now someone sent me a note i won the 2nd place on the competition :) hah! they have already the awards night but no one got invited heheh. anyway, it wasn`t a huge competition as i didn`t take it serious (just sent them for fun) but i`m still quite happy as two good photographers were the jury. look the rest of the photos or the winners. honestly its funny to call it artfoto competition but i`m used to moves like this from that site... :D

1. Hockuszfokusz / Pécs / 17 points
2. cOp / urbanizmus / 16 points
3. Redeye / Tél / 14 points
4. Márió / víz és fény / 13 points
5. Josh / darkness / 11 points
6. Hajnal Norbert / Pécsi padok / 10 points
6. Murdock / Fények / 10 points
6. Kiss György (ecchphoto) / GlasSphere / 10 points
6. Mischl Roland / Pécsi esték / 10 points
7. Kertész Zoltán Imre / Áram nélkül / 9 points

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