Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hyetal mix @ highrise clothing

if you a regular reader (or you`re listening to my mixes) i`m sure you`d know several tunes of this set but who cares. another of upcoming bristolians hyetal is about to twist the heads in 30 minutes goodness. you`d better watch him later as his first release is about to surface on formant records and my mates at soulmotive and reduction are also about to drop his tunes (even a peverelist remix is on its way). worth a note and a listen for sure.


Kulture – Midgar Skyline
Desto – Inkdeath
Hyetal & Shortstuff – Ice Cream
Rustie – Tempered
Guido – Tango 140
Zombie – The Lie
Kode 9 & LD – Bad
Jack Sparrow – The Chase
Peverelist – Clunk Click Every Trip
Shortstuff – Progression
Hyetal – Gold Or Soul
Gemmy – Kodama

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