Saturday, March 14, 2009

mike shannon @ little white earbuds

canada has something to offer to all minimal techno fans. i`m sure everyone knows mike shannon and j. hunsberger`s twin imprints cynosure and revolver which have been released a number of quality records in the past decade. mike filled the set with forthcoming and never released materials on the labels. i think my fave is horror inc. but you can find some more packed goodies! there is an interview as well so don`t hesitate to read and listen..


01. Adam Marshall, “North at Night” [Cynosure]
02. Mike Shannon, “Under the Radar” (ft. Fadilla) [Cynosure]
03. Brett Johnson, “Southern Dandy” (dub mix) [Cynosure]
04. Mike Shannon, “Dark Star 3000″ [Wagon Repair]
05. Coordinates, “Ash-Fault” [Cynosure]
06. John Shananigans, “One Blue Shoe” [Circus Company]
07. John Shananigans, “Bounce the Blues” (ft. Skat Man Doo) [Circus Company]
08. Andrea Fiorito, “Zoraida” (ft. Amelie Saul) [Cynosure]
09. Sunaj Assassins, “Syncopated Feelings” (ft. Moral Undulations) [Cynosure]
10. Mike Shannon, “Sweets” (ft. Fadilla) [Wagon Repair]
11. Ernesto Ferreyra, “Cenote Trip” [Cynosure]
12. Brett Johnson, “Temptation and Lies” (Deadbeat and Shannon BBQ dub mix) [Cynosure]
13. Cesar Merveille, “Talk Talk” (ft. Seth Troxler) [Wagon Repair]
14. Mike Shannon, “Enero” (Danuel Tate remix) [Cynosure]
15. Horror inc., “Untitled” [Cynosure]
16. Andrea Fiorito, “La Balada Tzigana” (Mike Shannon’s Haunted mix) [Cynosure]
17. Mike Shannon, “Regalos de Pandora” (Ernesto Ferreyra remix) [Cynosure]

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