Monday, March 02, 2009

Peverelist&Appleblim @ The Villa, Oslo 27. feb 2009

yet another nice live show from the minimal influenced dubsteppers appleblim (applepips) and peverelist (punch drunk) grab the file from megaupload. the first 7 minutes by knark kent, then 45 minutes by dj spiro (not spyro!) then the next 40-60 min by peverelist and the rest is appleblim.

knark kent:
? - ?
tes la rok - uprise
lone wolf - uproot
juju - red up pinch rmx
compound one - cohaagen
sully - flickers
skynet - exhale
komonazmuk - miss her
dubwoofa - scare dem [bigup the oslo crew!!!]
silkie & harry craze - favela
pinch - dr. carlson

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