Thursday, May 14, 2009

el b+j da flex @ ramp radio 2 may 2009

j da is back with el b (interview) and they are haunting with new ghost material! if you witnessed the spreading of dubstep back in the days, you remember both guys and specially to the legendary 1xtra shows! if you`re into the new dark swing, 2step and dubstep you should check out these new bassy funky roller 2step riddims. props to ramp radio for the amazing show.


1. “Anytime” remix Groove Chronicles (Locked On)
2. “Want War” Ghost Records
3. “Auto Bots” Ghost Records
4. “Club Music” Ghost Records
5. “Smash” Ghost Records
6. “ In this Biz” Ghost Records
7. “ Buck n Berry” Tempa
8. “Back wid da sound” Ghost Records
9. “Hey Boy” Ghost Records
10. “Independent Life” remix
11. “Set da Trend” Roxy Ghost Records
12. “Soundclash” Remix
13. “Think ur greezy” Ghost Records
14. “Cover me” El-B (Locked On)
15. “Black Puppet” DPR Records
16. “Celebrate Life” Remix
17. “2000” Ghost Records
18. “Acid Flex” (Main Frame) Oris Jay
19. “Sexy Boy” (South West records)
20. “Digital” Feat Juice man (Locked On)
21. “The Bug” Apple records Benga vs Skream
22. “Old Skool” Sidestepper Zed Bias
23. “Sexy Boy” (South West records)
24. “Digital” Feat Juice man (Locked On)
25. “Dawn Awakening” Dub Benga
26. “Congo Fever” Shelf Life
27. “@Random” Hospital Mad Slinky
28.”Who Are Those Guys” White Skream
25. “The Night” Benga (Ghost VIP Mix)
26. Zed Bias?
27. Zed Bias?
28. Zed Bias?
29. “Cover me” (Locked On)
30. “Serious” Zed Bias Re-Mix (Locked On)
31. Qualified White Label
32. “Rob One” Oris Jay
33. “Come To Me” White Dub Child
34. ? Toasty Boy
35. “Prophecy” 100% Recordings Bogeyman
36. “Come Dancing” White Dubchild

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