Saturday, May 16, 2009

symbiosis no.8 - l.d. 14 may 2009

l.d. is a badman out of the well known transition mastering/london. i`ve been playing his dubplates for 2 years and he is better and better. recently he made a 30min massive set of his diverse and yet funky stuff. expect uptempo butt shaker bassline mosters from one of the best upcoming artists with releases on the likes of hyperdub, dub police and 2nd drop. anyway, check symbiosis, the podcasts on overlap and download the set :)


01. Someday We Will Be Free (L.D)
02. Oh Yeah (L.D)
03. Woodblock (L.D)
04. Not Going To Cry (L.D vs Clue Kid)
05. Bad (L.D vs Kode 9)
06. Shake It (L.D)
07. 3 Phase (L.D)
08. Yes Yes (L.D vs Benga)
09. The Intro (L.D vs Clue Kid)
10. Day Dreaming (L.D Remix)
11. Summertime Clots (L.D Remix)
12. Do You Mind (L.D Special)
13. Jupiter 9 (L.D vs Clue Kid)

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