Monday, August 17, 2009

mala+sgt pokes @ sziget festival 2009

i`ve just come back from sziget festival where almost 400.000 people have attended in a few days last year. this year i played three times at sziget including two at my beloved meduza stage ( which is the best imo) with a capacity for 2000+. i`m sure much more people have heard the sets. on the first day we had mala and pokes. here is a facebook vid of my set and you can find loads of mala`s.

the next day i played with several djs from pecs representing the city as the cultural capital of europe 2010. i had chance to organise it with filling up the 8 hrs long line up and taking care of everyone. honestly last year it was better to organise wedge/komonazmuk/jakes and skream/benga/crazy d were also wicked in 2007. seems like the festival season is finished for me and i`ll come back with loads of updates after finishing a few works.

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