Saturday, November 07, 2009

hotflush podcast 05 - jus wan

the fifth installment of hotflush podcast is representing by the cisco talent jus wan. you know his sets well if you are following the blog as i feel his stuff almost every time. this time the apple pips/naked lunch pal collected some tech based subtle dubstep alike coolness lining tunes from the likes of himself, addison groove, djg, f, von d, dfrnt, and much more.


Steve Foulds “Gentle Seduction” [DFRNT Remix]
Von D “Miss Maui” [Mr Lager Remix]
Jus Wan “Beyond”
Addison Groove “Footcrab” (Swamp 81)
A Bridge Far Away “Drift” [Grievous Angel Remix]
DJG “Apophenia” [Jus Wan Remix]
Jus Wan “Noir”
F “See The Light” (7even)
Jus Wan “Azure” [F Remix] (Pushing Red Dub)
Jus Wan “Azure” (Pushing Red)
Peverelist “Junktion” [Shed Remix] (Tectonic)
Jack Sparrow & Ruckspin “Blessings” (Pushing Red Dub)
DJG “Duality” (Pushing Red)
Von D “Chacha’s Leggings”
Silkie “Turvy” (Deep Medi)
Helixir “Let Me Drive Now” (7even)
Ike Release “Nature Manipulation”
Djunya “Crossroads”
DJG feat. Komodo “Bare Hands”
System “Red Click” (~Scape)

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