Tuesday, April 27, 2010

getdarkerTV.43 - el b+j da flex, narrows, orien, karmine

j da and el b with mc rolla are back again and heavier than ever! the best ghost set so far, no doubt. the old school dirty 4x4 legend, narrows is here too to show his skills and the new ghost signed karmine is representing as well as dub police`s very own orien. packed sesh.

el b+j da flex getdarker43

narrows getdarker43

All tracks w&p by DJ NARROWS Beyond Kontakt (Forthcoming on Narrows' album of the same name)
StarBwoy - (Heavy Artillery)
Take A Hit (On Dis) - (Dubplate)
Open (pt.3) - (Dubplate)
Want it Back (2004 RMX) - (Ankh)
Legacy (Nah-Guy-Tes) - (Ankh)
Kick Daan Ya Door - (Storming Productions)
Raid by Morph Aborigine - (unreleased)
Evacuate The Premises - (Narrows dubplate)
Dreams - (Resurrection)
Enter the Dance - (unreleased)
H4RDcor3 (Take Me Higher) - (Storming Productions)
Conscience of a Ghost - (Nu Levels Album)
Saved Soul - (Resurrection)
Somthing About You (DJ Narrows RMX)
IN10city - (SOUL CRAFT001: Narrows' new label out MAY)

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