Wednesday, June 02, 2010

instra:mental w/ loefah @ rinse fm 2nd june 2010

autonomic hero reprezenting on rinse yet again, now with the one and only loefah who shows a more electro influenced set. well, actually dubstep was so various and colorful that we better call it 140 or bass music. loefah proves it very well as you will hear a very diverse set still in the dubstep genre. last year i told everyone dubstep isn`t a style anymore but a mentality and basic aesthetics that producers tend to follow. somehow revolutionary and much bigger just like house was in the 80s or nuskool breaks was in the 90s. dubstep is the same for the 00s. melting styles and evolving something fresh yet old. anyway, jump on the link while its available from rinse! download it boss.


Loefah tracklist:

footcrab vip - addison groove (dub)
tc - kryptic minds (dub)
tired light - instra:mental (darkestral)
beacon - ramadanman (dub)
claptrap - joe (hessle)
level crossing - joe (hessle)
tweaked - shortstuff - (dub)
IRL - girl unit -(night slugs)
work doc - addison groove (dub)
work it - addison groove (swamp 81)
hot raw sex - jimmy edger/instra:mental rmx (?)
battle scene - addison groove (dub)
sexual - addison groove (swamp 81)
woo vs glut - sx x ramadanman (dub)
work them - ramadanman (swamp 81)
glut - ramadanman (hemlock)
fall short - ramadanman (swamp 81)
tempest - ramadanman (hemlock)
Because You - faltyDL (panet mu)
night hunter - fis t (serial 502)

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