Friday, September 10, 2010

anima sound system`s sonic postcard to kim cascone

the masterminds behind the famous hungarian pop group anima sound system were the first to pop up with a promotional selection for ultrahang festival/budapest. if you know them well, you know what you get in the mix. don`t expect any cheesy pop promo to this high grade experimental/electronica festival! zsolt prieger grabbed off the shelves a few of his every day feed of records and with his partner in production gergely nemeth they melted the material into a massive acoustic journey through poetry, electronica, musique concrete, jazz, dub and even rock. just check the tracklist. meanwhile i`m thinking about how worthy session am i able to do for ultrahang after their massively mint minutes! deadline is close and zsolt&gergo were set the standards high. stay connected, i`ll come back soon with my abstract session.

01. Carsten Nikolai aka Alva Noto: time dot (3) / Anima Sound System: We Strike (Kim Cascone remix) / Kurtág György: Hungarian Lesson for Foreigners / Erkki Kurenniemi: Sahkösoittimen aania 4+1 / Divine Styler: Tongue of Labyrinth / Childman: False Positive
02. Steve Reich: The Four Sections (Andrea Parker remix) / Szkárosicon: Agapé
03. Einstürzende Neubauten: Magyar Energia / Király Ernő: Murmur of Brook/ Sun Ra and the Arkestra: Imagination
04. The Rip-Off Artist: Stuffing Box / Allen Ginsberg: Kral Majales / Prince Far I: Autobiography / Jah Wosh: Follower
05. Cornelius:/ Yoshihiro Hanno-Multiphonic Ensemble: On/Off Edit / Scanner: Emily
06. Consolidated: Rescuperation
07. Money Mark: Insects All Around Us
08. David McCallum: House of Mirrors / Gil Scott-Heron: The King Alfred Plan
09. Burnt Friedman: Das Wesen aus der Milchstrasse
10. Speedy J: Sabina Seat / Small Rocks: Clodhopper
12. Talking Heads: Overload / Luc Ferrari: Visage V / DJ NoMore: Life and Death in New York City
13. Amon Tobin: Natureland / Luke Slater: All Exhale (Rude Solo Remix)
14. Delta 5: Mind Your Own Business
15. The Ex + Tom Cora:State of Shock
16. Primal Scream: Pills
17. Dr. Octagon: Earth People
18. Angels of Light: Black River Song
19. Pink Floyd: Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast
20. The Residents: Boxes of Armageddon

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