Wednesday, September 22, 2010

xlr8r podcast 161 - mount kimbie

the duo has just launched their debut album on hotflush which is an extraordinary release if you ask me. yet another winner for hotflush and while the guys are go wild on touring, here is a more beat oriented set they made for xlr8r. don`t make a mistake to overlook and also grab their earlier ra.podcast from july filled with unreleased stuff (a braver excursion on the fields of bass music and electronica). anyway, download their xlr8r set from the site!

01 System "All"
02 xxxy "This Much" (Fortified Audio)
03 Mount Kimbie "Carbonated" (Hotflush)
04 Pangaea "Dead Living" (Hessle Audio)
05 Zomby "Test Me for a Reason" (Hyperdub)
06 Kode 9 "You Don't Wash" (Martyn Remix)
07 Dam-Funk "How It Be Between U and Me" (Stones Throw)
08 El Fog "El Cloud" (Moteer)
09 Klaus "Tusk"
10 Scuba "Hard Boiled (SCB Edit)" (Hotflush)
11 Senking "Tar"
12 Blawan "Fram" (Hessle Audio)
13 Untold "Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix)" (white)
14 Klaus "Neph"
15 Unknown "Unknown"
16 James Blake "Klavierwerke" (R&S)
17 Arkist "Only If You Mean It"

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