Sunday, November 07, 2010

didn`t panic in budapest - 4th bday bash w/ deadbeat

the guys at don`t panic! budapest organized an 4th years anniversary exhibition of the past 4 years material including all 200 hungarian sleeve designs, loads of panic posters and of course the best flyers of the past 4 years. i was very happy to see that 9 of my flyers were chosen. wicked, specially because i only made 10 or 11 to budapest in this period :)

of course there was a blastin gig as well! deadbeat made it yet again and the hungarian talent ferenc vaspoeri did a good set too (hmm, i suggested him to level records where his first vinyl release came out) . i was spinning deep dubby and techy dubstep stuff in the vip bar.
well, grab this old deadbeat mix filled with crackling dubby melancholy what i simply love! if it`s over, the jump to these:

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