Sunday, December 19, 2010

quantec - 3am at pedirka desert 19th dec 2010

quantec is one of the few surviving minimal dub movers, this time his set is spiced with ambient goodness for the exclusive advent set of the german blog `das kraftfuttermischwerk`. i will post a summary of my recommended sets as you can grab things from good artists.

Quantec - 3am At Pedirka Desert (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk Adventskalender) - 19-12-2010 by R_co

Quantec - Setting in motion (unreleased,Dubplate)
The KLF - Dream time in lake Jackson
The KLF - Madrugada eterna
The Higher Intelligence Agency - Orange
The Higher Intelligence Agency - Influx
Porter Ricks - Polytox I
Ozy - Alone in the Car
Monoaxial (Quantec) - Axiale III (Dubplate,unreleased)
Monoaxial (Quantec) - Axial Thinking (Dubplate,unreleased,forthcoming on 12ì)
Quantec - Water & Ice (Dubplate,unreleased,yet,forthcoming on 12ì on fprec.)
Quantec - Untitled (Dubplate,unreleased)
Quantec - beyond the realms of imagination (Dubplate,unreleased(forthcoming 12ì)
Ozy - Klukka

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