Monday, February 14, 2011

pangaea+seven @ pecsi est cafe 24th feb 2011

yep, it`s high time to bash another gig with upfront import artists! last time`s el-b&ben ufo gig was nominated to the best events of 2010 @ (as the only gig outside budapest!), so let`s see what the future holds to 2011.

pangaea (hessle audio, hotflush) is one of the dubstep innovators with hessle audio and seven (wheel&deal, tempa, black box) is a well prepared deckmaster and just released his compilation of hot dubplates. additionally the jarring effect posse represents with fumuj as well! jump on the info shizzle on the facebook event page or stay here and continue reading on the following links:

nuff said, just jump on the sets!
pangaea @ mutek (june 2009)
pangaea @ reprise (march 2009)

update: the dubstep awards 2010 list is official now. just check how many hessle audio related awards were taken. here is the list: best producer (1.), best new producer (6.), best dj (5.), best label (4.), best track (6.,9.), best remix (3.), best mix (6.), best radio show (6.), best 120-140 producer (1.), best 120-140 dj (4., 5.) and there is not too many categories left :)

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asbi said...

Le a kalappal előttetek, nagy volt a buli!
Egy szám címét keresem tegnapról, a szetted közepe felé lehetett körülbelül. Laza reggae-s indítás, utána rappelés, elég erőteljes brit akcentussal.. Tudsz nekem ebben segíteni?