Tuesday, April 12, 2011

hotflush podcast 14 - roko

fellow sub.fm`er roko raised in finland, lived in london and moved to berlin. of course he hooked up with the hotflush camp and besides this session they started the horst flush club night together with scuba. this set shows his diversity in bass music bounding different angles together, which is always healthy not to mention, i highly recommend it to the deep heads out there. here is the direct link to the mp3, just save it for your pleasure.

Hotflush Recordings Podcast 014: ROKO by ROKO

1. shankles - untitled [jus like music]
2. circle traps - fjord [forthcoming opit]
3. a.n.d - swing me [forthcoming project squared]
4. ike release - aquarius tech [forthcoming infrasonics]
5. el rakkas - gulls gold [unreleased]
6. subreachers - arctic mechanics [unreleased]
7. sigha - politics of dying (james ruskin remix) [forthcoming our circula sound]
8. lando kal - time out [forthcoming hotflush]
9. ike release - don't know [forthcoming infrasonics]
10. goldffinch - groove panda [forthcoming saigon]
11. peter van hoesen & donaty dozzy - dock [forthcoming time to express]
12. burial - south london boroughs [hyperdub]
13. hxdb - flunk [forthcoming party guy]
14. teeth - vibrate [unreleased]
15. indigo - lacuna [unreleased]
16. late - neon girls [unreleased]
17. synkro - look at yourself [forthcoming mindset]
18. late - sehnsucht [unreleased]

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