Saturday, June 04, 2011

djg @ FOB show 2nd june 2011

yeh, bunzer0 caught the stateside guy for a guest mix on his famous show. yep, djg left san francisco for touring in europe so watch your neighborhood for some serious shizzle! numerous releases on well known labels like warm communication, wheel&deal, subway, etc. he polished a solid but minimal sound in between techno and dubstep. you'd better start downloading the session altough i'm sure he kept the hottest ammo to the tour gigs and he haven't boomed them on this set. pay also attention to the one army dubplate wizard ben bunzer0 as well for some hot bits!


Von D Ft. David Boomah : Star. (Forthcoming Boka)
MCQ : Cirrus Race. (Forthcoming Razzmatazz).
Mr Lager feat Asher Dust : Four leaf clover - Geiomix (Forthcoming Sub Freq).
Orphan101 : Bang. (Unreleased).
Subreachers : Seth. (Unreleased)
Cozy D and Eric Volta : The Gift - Planas Rmx. (Forthcoming Fourtwenty Recordings)
Rackoon : Something. (Forthcoming Tsunami Audio)
Thelem : Illusions. (Orientis - Angles compilation)
Commodo And Lurka : Airtight. (Forthcoming Blackbox)


Bass Clef : So Cruel. (Forthcoming Punch Drunk)
Luthor : The Rush. (Unreleased).
Funk Ethics : Step In. (Forthcoming Brownswood)
En Neem : Heat and Lies. (Unreleased).
The Dub Mechanics : Talking to the Gods. (Forthcoming Sub Freq)
Janner : That's Not My Scorpion. (Unreleased)
Cymatic : Hound Dog. (Forthcoming Boxclever)
Vesicle : Smoke Curls (Forthcoming Paradise Lost).
Legend4ry : That Kids Got Spriit. (Orientis - Angles compilation)
Cyrus : Soul Seeker. (Forthcoming Chestplate).

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