Saturday, September 24, 2011

hedmuk mix 25 - killawatt

the newcomer killawatt up from north shocked the scene with his personal taste of bass weighted dubstep with stripped down percussives and cinematic tones. his spacious yet sharp tunes got the attention to every key players and his tunes are regulars in youngsta, n-type, distance and skream+benga shows. growing discograpy with wheel&deal, boka, box clever, etc. would prove his talent, altough heve been doing music seriously just for two years. check his shocking quality and quantity of production in this highly recommended showcase mix (including a few of ipman, his flatmates tunes) and read the interview on hedmuk.

Killawatt - HEDMUK mix by Killawatt_SS

Ipman - Raindance (forthcoming Wheel & Deal)
Killawatt & Ipman - Schizophonia (forthcoming Box Clever)
Killawatt - Mantra (forthcoming Box Clever)
Killawatt - Re-engaged (Dub)
Killawatt - Mystic Vocation (Dub)
Killawatt - Respiratory Fluctuations (Dub)
Killawatt - Interplay (forthcoming Loft Party Records)
Killawatt & Thelem - Joom (Dub)
Killawatt - Ether (Dub)
Killawatt - 71 (forthcoming Wheel & Deal)
Killawatt - Critters (forthcoming Subway Records)
Ipman - M.O.B Mentality (forthcoming Boka Records)
Killawatt & Thelem - Swarf (forthcoming New Moon Recordings)
Killawatt - Reason To Worry (forthcoming New Moon Recordings)
Killawatt - Viscous (Dub)
Killawatt - Rezomorph (Dub)
Ipman - Messenger (forthcoming Wheel & Deal)
Killawatt - TOPIO (Dub)
Killawatt - Binary (forthcoming Loft Party Records)
Killawatt - Conflict (forthcoming Requiem Audio Records)
Sleeper - GTFO (Killawatt Remix) (Dub)
Killawatt - Rolling Dunes (forthcoming Wheel & Deal)
Killawatt - Take A Step Back (Dub)
Ipman - Swarm (Dub)
Killawatt - Sidewinder (Ipman Remix) (forthcoming BLKBXXX)

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