Monday, October 10, 2011

ra.podcast280 - martyn

another hotshot from the advisors. the dutch lad resided to the states has been recognised first by his drum and bass beats, later by excellent dubstep tunes (mostly on his label 3024) and he never stops. is dropping an all-round excursion from prince to classic acid house to innovation dubstep, just name it! martyn lives in washington with a massive dose of chicago and detroit influences in his veins now released the second lp 'ghost people' at los angeles' most wanted brainfeeder. you caught those early techno and house roots earlier on his album 'great lenght' and the fabolous fabric50 disc last year. this set is another yes to top notch 4/4. dont hesitate to grab while you can and feed your mind with the usual mini interview on resident advisor.


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