Thursday, November 24, 2011

thinking october 2004 dubstep mix

i was wondering about the old days while thinking on a new recommendation to my dubstep classics slot on dubstep hungary. this set popped in my mind and i found it online! well, its been ages but i think this is still one of the best dubstep mixes ever. thinking who was one of the bristol dubstep originators packed it with huge tunes from the cream. actually they have all become classic tunes since! thinking wrote reviews to idj, works at chemical records, had a show with the immerse label boss kidkut on, then on since 2008 (on passion radio bristol in 2007), and nowdays he is running the stunning labels black box/box clever. a true originator i say. dont be fool to miss this gem from megaupload!

loefah - jazz lick [big apple]
toasty - splash [cdr]
loefah - twisup [dmz]
spectr - wasted [cdr]
loefah - life dub [big apple]
mark one - rage [vehicle]
vex'd - ghost [subtext]
toasty - reflect [cdr]
benny ill & kode 9 - fat larry's skank [tempa]
slaughter mob - thriller funk [soulja]
october - elephants [cdr]
vex'd - pop pop [subtext]
toasty - knowledge [hot flush]
loefah - jungle infiltrator [big apple]
spectr - are you ready? [cdr]
vex'd - lion [subtext]

regarding thinking, here are a few immerse sessions i posted:
18th july 2007 (passion radio , highly recommended!)
9th dec 2008 (, 4 hrs show!)
14th jan 2009 (
29th jan 2009 (
10th feb 2009 (

the complete archive of their shows on and, just type thinking or immerse :) they had 8 passion radio sets, 28 on and there are 2+1 archived on

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