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electronicbeats_c0p - 9b0 (free tune)

a few of you know that i recently moved to dublin from budapest. in the meantime right before leaving iwas asked to join as writer to the hungarian editorial of the berlin based electronic beats run by deutsche telekom. it's a huge pleasure being their writers and you will get regular interviews and features on their pages by me. don't hesitate to shout if you wanna get interviewed! obvioulsy i will focus on my fellow artists, labels and talents i hooked up during the decade. first of all i had a chat with 9b0, a true innovator and cool fella from budapest. the ebeats interview is shorter than the original below, but you can download a free 9b0 tune from there! read the interview and download his exclusive tune. here is my longer, uncut version, if you are interested...

9b0 (Balazs Gyutai) is former breakbeat dj who slowly gained recognition as one of the most versatile producers in Hungary. His sound ranges from mellow electronica, bass driven glitch beats to melodic floor funk, all defined by his own softwares. After last year's album "Error" on Glack Audio he rocks the best venues in Budapest.

how was the start before gaining recognition through and glack audio?
they mostly started taking me serious after i had my first EP released on the Electrofly label (sublabel of Baroque). before that time i was trying to enter remix competitions and stuff, but made no sense at all.

besides spammers, coelho and mrs. telekine - the child of light - who/what's inspiring you?
reality shows, cartoons and hungarian politicians. seriously: music and girlz.

as a performer lined up with martyn, nosaj thing, the glitch mob even with wagon christ, i'm sure you broke out from the breakbeat genre.
i had to realize: record labels are not exactly looking for artists who do what someone did before. why would i be interesting, if i'm just copying others? so i've started to make music for myself only. whatever i liked: i've put it into my music, whatever i disliked removed it. before that i always compared my music to the ones i liked the most... now i don't. i do not care about the musical genre anymore. many people define my stuff as glitch, but it's wrong. it's as much techno, breakbeat or dubstep as glitch. it's just honest music.

you have a fair amount of vinyl crates blending through styles but you're not playing them a long while ago. do they have any purpose in your life these days other than being deco?
luv 'em. that's all. do not have a turntable, but i do still love the music i bought a long time ago. however: the mp3's i'm buying are making me as much happy as they did.

what's your opinion about the dj culture and the jockeys themselves?
actually i do not find DJing that interesting anymore. 10-15 years ago, when beatmatching and to do a clean mix was a skill, it was normal for me, that DJing is the only valid choice if i want to play the music i like for the folks, who would like it. nowadays it's not like that anymore. beatmatching is not a big deal with Traktor and friends, while most of the DJ's do not even have skills or musical knowledge to use the built in effects and loops in a really worthy creative way. so the 2 turntables, 1 mixer layout is not valid anymore for me, except if it's about turntablizm. i simply miss creativity and originality. however i have the same problem with the manymany Flying Lotus followers, who like to call themselves live acts. they mostly play short musical ideas (mostly cropped samples from old vinyls on an offbeat drumloop), which are more sketches looped for 2-3 minutes than songs. i feel a bit bored of this.

in the meantime you developed your own softwares with your brother. whats the difference compared to the rest and what is the current status of the softwares? what's the main goal of this company?
the rest is less hungry on the CPU (haha). the main difference comes from our roots. i was always making music, and my brother was always a good programmer. i always needed new samples, but when we where 11-13, we could not get any (it was not that easy in the preinternet age on the countryside of Hungary). maybe each 2-3 months i had a chance to get new samples from CD's attached to computer related magazines from .mod, s3m, .xm and .it files. i had a Korg Polisix for a while and we took some samples. we analyzed them to hell, and my brother came up with our first filter function based on that. it was non realtime, sounded strange, but with time the algorithm evolved and became what it is now. a real time, massive filter. however: we had to find out ways to maximize volume, built our own synth as well, so there's lots of original work in our stuff, coz we did not have access to sites like the main goal would be moneymaking, but we can hardly find time to work on software currently. (2 babies by my brother, and i work my ass off with music and gfx anyways), so we are a bit out of business. we always have plans, but no time to do a thing currently.

becoming an art director without decent graphic skills or experience is quite outstanding...
actually that's a thing i can't understand either. i always loved to play around with Photoshop or Illustrator. nowadays i'm fooling around with Blender. when i was looking for job I didn't want to sell bigmacs, so I ended up being a megajunior DTP operator and few years later they started to call me art director. many people mix art directorship with the stuff that designers do. it's by far not the same. i'm OK in conceptual thinking, but not a big gamer in graphic design. at least that's what i think.

what are you watching besides battle royal annual domestic drinking contest?
yeah. i watch battle royale each year on the 25th december with some friends of mine. each time a student gets killed we have to drink, and when the movie is over we go out to the shittiest parties in town to drink more... I do like watching TV and things that i would not watch on my own. however my favourite movies are mainly from Stanley Kubrik, Wes Anderson, and Charlie Kaufman... and Neon Genesis Evangelion... and i was watching Kitamura's The Ultimate Versus twice this week.

please introduce your performance regarding both hybrid dj sets and live sessions.
i'm pretty much off with the hybrid DJ sets, do not want to play 'em anymore. technically it was almost the same as the base of my live setup. i'm using 3 group channels (drums, solo, pad/fx). on each group channel i have two filters (lp, hp), a glitch plugin (self developed), 2 sends (echo/reverb), and a leveling plugin (self developed). the drum group has 4 subchannels, each one has a lowpass filter and send effects, the other two groups have only 2 subs. i have a drum sequencer that drives Ableton's Impulse with 8 additional subchannels for effects and a scratchlike effect channel. As a controller, i'm currently using a Launchpad, an iPad with touchosc, a Triggerfinger and a BCR2000, but stuff like this evolves fast. to make travelling easier, i'll optionally replace the BCR2000 with a Korg Nanocontrol, so maybe flying will be easier.

what articles did you find the most impressive lately?
my google reader is full of nudity, lolcats and animgifs. i'm following lots of motion designers / CGI artists / sound designers on vimeo. currently i try to find a shirt, that's in my size and does not ship from this continent.

what can we expect from the mountain man in the near and further future?
music. lot's of. a remix and live EP from the 'error' LP on Glack audio, and i'll release my new stuff soonish hopefully on new labels. and i really want to play more often outside the country's borders.

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