Thursday, February 16, 2012

djb podcast 191 - jimmy edgar

jimmy edgar is a new generation electro pioneer from detroit bringing things more experimental. he has a few outstanding albums behind his shoulder and looking forward for an ep soon being released on hotflush (listen here). the dutch djbroadcast caught in the act of electrofusing some old and new bits from the lab. refreshing set with some extraordinary tunes.  download here

01. Jimmy Edgar – DNC Modular (unreleased)
02. DMX Crew – Digitally Controlled Oscillator (Breakin’)
03. Recloose – UHF (Fingertips)
04. Marc Houle – Juno 6660 (Items & Things)
05. Mosca – Jager (3024)
06. Noob –Crumble (Machinedrum Remix) (Sonotown)
07. Unknown To The Unknown – Da Autopsy (Unknown To The Unknown)
08. Creepy Autograph – Five Oh Seven (unreleased)
09. Neon Jung – Delirium Tremens (Magic Wire)
10. dBridge – Scarlett (unreleased)
11. Darling Farah – Silver Pad (unreleased)
12. Creepy Autograph – The Gray Mans Theme (Valentine Connexion)
13. SCNTST – Bello (unreleased)
14. AFX – Elephant Song (Rephlex)
15. Dopplereffekt – Infophysix (Dataphysix Engineering)
16. Creepy Autograph – Break Me Down (unreleased)
17. Jimmy Edgar – Take Me on a Sex Drive (forthcoming on Majenta on Hotflush Recordings)

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