Wednesday, February 15, 2012

presspauseplay - the movie

have you ever wondered what happened with the world of creatives in the past decade? how music, filming, photograhy, graphic design or writing evolved from the profession of the selected to nowday's content making revolution? today everyone can make everything without education or knowledge, are they really can? if so, how it affects the classic creator's playground and the industries? well, if you need some questions, you'd better start watching this fresh documentary right now. excellent features and thoughts by moby, apparat or by the company founders of red camera, napster, behance, hype machine,, the wire and many more. at last a movie that sums up my thoughts about the digital revolution. watch it in HD below, go to the site for many more facts and features. you can watch an extended interactive version (after you installed adobe air). i really should add my own ideas and visions in a later article... until then press pause play.

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