Wednesday, February 22, 2012

truth chronicles vol.2 - feb 2012

the truth guys launched a new monthly mix serie in which they include their brand new tunes with an addition of the monthly most loved dubplates. don't be fooled by the size, the superiour quality of this sub sonic meditation makes it a must have. well done guys!

Truth & DJ Madd – Open Your Eyes [DUB]
Dubtek – Accretion [DUB]
Truth – Spook [DUB]
Ben Verse feat: Darrison – Sativa Soldier [DUB]
Truth – All Over [DUB]
Amit feat: Rani- Stay With Me [DUB]
Truth & Yayne – Dreams [DUB]
Peverse – The Iceman [DUB]
DJ Madd – Everything Changes [DUB]

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