Wednesday, March 21, 2012

dj kicks - photek exclusive stream

mixmag did it again, they let us hear the forthcoming episode of the legendary dj kicks serie represented by another legend, photek. you should know the unique drum and bass producer with outstanding and genre defining talent from the mid-90s who moved to los angeles. since then he have been dropping some rave anthems, doing movie soundtracks, making hiphop beats and uk bass music. in the dj kicks he wanted to invite you to timeless journey similar to the classic ltj bukem mixtapes back in the early 90s. mission completed, this set stands out and will be played many times as a footprint of today's interesting bass music with some of the most upfront names. not to mention those four exclusive photek tracks... if you wanna hear a lush and bass heavy excursion, here you go. and you can buy the album next week.

01. Photek – Azymuth*
02. Kromestar – In 2 Minds
03. Hot Toddy feat. Ron Basejam – I Need Love (Morgan Geist’s Love Dub)
04. DLX – Modern Man
05. DJG – Here Come The Dark Lights
06. Dustmite & Kuru – Bare
07. Photek & Pinch – M25FM
08. Photek – No Agenda*
09. Baby Ford + Eon – Dead Eye (Original Version)
10. Marco Effe – Sexgas (Arnaud Le Texier Remix)
11. DJG – Say Something
12. Guy J & Miriam Vaga – No Under But You
13. Daze Maxim – Tomorrow Universe
14. Sepalcure - Taking You Back
15. Photek - Levitation*
16. Photek & Kuru – Fountainhead (DJ-Kicks)*
17. Synkro – Look At Yourself
18. Photek - 101 (Boddika’s Drum Machine Remix)
19. Parxe & Grincheux – The Art Of Nothing pt. 1

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