Friday, April 13, 2012

futureproofing mix - daega sound exclusive

you have heard about the daega sound duo from west coast canada if you followed my bassweight microblog. the guys are landscaping the rich fields located in between dubstep and dubtechno. they did't just give an interview to 'futureproofing' blog but an exclusive all-daega set folding alot their forthcoming tunes and dubplates. what can i say? rad. and shut up and you'd better jump on their fat production right now! (download link at the interview) 

Daega Sound - Let It All Go - Echodub
Daega Sound - Winter's Horse - Forthcoming Car Crash Set
Daega Sound - Whirlpool - Dub
Daega Sound - Legion - Forthcoming Car Crash Set
Daega Sound - Bug In The Rug - Echodub
Daega Sound - Mole Man - Echodub
Daega Sound - Construct - Dub
Daega Sound - Fonica - Dub
Daega Sound - The Ridge - Dub
Daega Sound - Unspoken - Dub
Daega Sound - Stranded - Echodub

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