Friday, July 20, 2012

deep heads podcast 001 - zeb samuels

after hosting guest mixes, dubstep for deep heads has launched his own podcast serie. its not a mix, but a showcase of freebies and fothcoming bits ranging from deep house to dubstep from the deep heads family. zeb comments the tunes with some nice info on the artists. 

Rowl “Cosmic Visions” [Dub]
Versa “Geometrics” [Forth Coming On The Edge]
Inkarv “Fundamental Force” [Forth Coming Free Download]
Versa “1989” [Forth Coming On The Edge]
Venture “Breath Inn” [Free Download on Page]
Trentmoller “Night Walker” [Poker Flat]
Jesse Rose “Monday Vibes” [Front Room Recordings]
Jimpster “Seventh Wave” [Free range Records]
Occult “Loose Change” [Forth Coming Smokin Sessions]
Anex “Bella” [Forth Coming Deep Heads]
N Dread “Wonderfull” [Forth Coming Smokin Sessions]
Biome “Light” [Dub]
Chameleon “Links” [Good Looking]

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